Dave Contarino

Dave Contarino is a political strategist, consultant and a former high-ranking government official.

Dave Contarino Says Taos Ski Valley Is an Extreme Skier’s Paradise
Dave ContarinoLongtime extreme skier Dave Contarino believes that Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico is a classic ski town with skiing so good it attracts people from all over the world. According to Dave Contarino, Taos Ski Valley is steeped in heritage, amenities and culture, and is a unique gem in the world of classic ski towns. Dave Contarino urges first-time Taos visitors to look around, inhale and exhale deeply. “You will feel at home here,” says Dave Contarino.

According to Dave Contarino, Taos is the best small ski area in the United States and rivals even the best big areas. Taos Ski Valley is a high-altitude alpine oasis with brilliant blue skies, featherweight powder snow, and extremely nice locals. No other ski area in the United States feels as welcoming as Taos, says Dave Contarino.

The Swiss-style chalets at the area’s base exude an old-time European character, says Dave Contarino, while the town itself offers funky Southwestern art and cuisine. The mountain has some of the finest steep skiing and snowboarding in the U.S., with 305 inches average annual powder that rivals Utah’s for lightness. You can ski double diamonds top to bottom here, says Dave Contarino. Taos operates one of the country’s most highly regarded ski schools—for beginners and the already skilled—which is good because the terrain demands it. According to Dave Contarino, experienced instructors provide knowledge and work with innovative teaching techniques designed for all ages. “Both of my kids started with the Taos ski school,” said Dave Contarino.
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Dave Contarino Describes the Beauty of Danville, Kentucky
Dave ContarinoDave Contarino and his family moved to Kentucky, where his wife grew up, in 2010. Although his main home is in Louisville, it’s no wonder the successful political consultant chose to build a getaway cabin near the peace and elegance of Danville, Kentucky, which was among Rand McNally’s finalists for the most beautiful town in America.

Just a short drive away from his cabin, Contarino regularly spends time in Danville, a small town with a lot to do. He is in good company, being among many who drive from far away to enjoy delicious food or simply walk down Danville’s Main Street. In fact, Danville’s Main Street was the recipient of the 2001 award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which recognized it as the Best Main Street in America.

For those considering a visit to Danville, Dave Contarino recommends paying a visit to the city’s Great American Dollhouse Museum, where hundreds of dollhouses are on display. The city is also home to several historic sites, including the Constitution Square Historic Site, where tours are available daily. Dave Contarino also notes the importance of Centre College, one of the best small colleges in America, to Danville’s character. In recent years, Centre has hosted two Vice Presidential Debates, including one in last year’s campaign.
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Q&A with Dave Contarino: The Benefits of Living Away From D.C.
Dave ContarinoDave Contarino notes that his work as a political consultant has taken him all across the country and overseas. During his travels, he has learned that being out among the people gives him an insight he can’t get when immersed in the politics of Washington, D.C.

Recently, Dave Contarino moved back to Louisville, Kentucky, where he continues to work as a political consultant. In doing this, he is regularly reminded of the many benefits of living away from the rigors of daily life in the center of American politics. Dave Contarino recently answered a few questions about the disconnect between those who drive political decisions in America and the citizens who are affected by those decisions.

Q: Has it been difficult to be far away from the rest of the political community?

Dave Contarino: It has actually been a real learning experience. D.C. is a city that is alive with political activity and excitement. But when you’re surrounded by politicians, lobbyists and political consultants, it’s easy to lose touch with the very people you’re working so hard to serve. The Government shutdown is just the latest example of that.
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Dave Contarino
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